Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emo Intel

So...Emotional Intelligence (Mindtools) is the "IT" word for "Alien Character Building" my translation...

Those annoying people who are always diplomatic, in control, say the right things, do the right things, at the right time...they're Emo Intel NERDS....essentially:

1) They're self aware: realistic and practical about who they are and what they can achieve

2) They have self control...(at this point I'm starting to think they're not human)...

3) Motivated, productive which most likely leads to being successful...(see? They're not human)

4) Empathetic: they can pick up vibes, are sensitive to those they are relating to, enough to understand how to interact look after those people.  (Ewwww they're nice toooooo)

5) They're social, everybody loves them at a party because they just fit in no matter where you put this point, I'm starting to think this concept is limited to those aliens that are so nice you wonder if they ever get which point I think all they would do is frown.

But there is hope, apparently...for the mere mortals like me:
1) Start paying attention to your own reactions, stop judging and start living in the moment completely

2) Put yourself in the other's shoes puts everything in perspective and helps you communicate better

3) Be yourself...really...everyone's human, not sure why we're all trying to be perfect when it only sells tabloids.  Imagine if everyone were just themselves...plain as day...they openly trip over, stuff up, apologise and wear no makeup when they go to the gym...Perez Hilton would be out of a blog...

Anyway..that's my latest self-project...let's see how close I can get to turning into an alien ;)

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