Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Turning stress into performance

Turning stress into performance
(Designer Bubble with help from Dr M.Brusman, Psychologist and Executive Coach)

Core beliefs…are these hurting you?
Making mistakes are terrible
Every problem has a perfect solution
Everything is within my control
I cannot change the way I am or think
People should like me
There is not enough time
Learned Optimism
Stress resilient people share an optimistic “explanatory style”
Change your internal dialogue
Troubles are temporary
Troubles are not permanent unless you keep thinking about them
Troubles are not universal, they are specific
Take the credit when things go right, share the troubles and give your team a chance to work it out with you.
Sharing troubles gives others the opportunity to learn, help you and not get into the same troubles themselves.

1.Bubbling: Draw bubbles and write in each bubble the subject on your mind

2.Prioritise each bubble

3.Attach a buddy to each bubble if you need



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