Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cleaned up

So either I smell or I leave a trail of dirt like that Pigpen character from Charlie Brown but I have been stalked by cleaners with brooms for a few months now.

This is an amazing phenomena considering the area of floor space available to be cleaned at shopping centres, public spaces and the like without requiring me to move to make way for the cleaner.

I can't really...always happen to be in the exact spot at the exact time they have their allocated time to clean

Now I've cleaning staff stalking me with cleaning MACHINERY!!

1) Note happy cleaner keeping his distance cleaning a large empty space (note there are many spaces with no humans in the way to interrupt his cleaning flow...)

2) Exhibit 2: Oh look they found me and it's time to clean me out

Exhibit 3: Im not joking about them having a mandate to wipe me out...after doing 3 circles around my seat...he takes out my feet (tries to anyway)

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